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20 Taffy Flavor Choices

$8.99-lb Aprox 65 Pieces Per Pound

*Sold In 1-Pound Assorted Bags From Shopping Cart.

*Visit The Store And Choose Your Own Flavor's

*Buy Only What You Want

 *Lemon *Cupcake*Strawberry *Key Lime *Cherry  *Chocolate *Orange Cream *Banana *Chocolate Mint *Cinnamon Swirl *Maple  *Neapolitan *Raspberry *Red Licorice  *Vanilla *Watermelon *Cotton Candy*Black Licorice. *Caramel *Neopolitan *Grape *Cinnamon Swirl.  *Assorted Bags of Sugar Free available in Store.

Sweet Jane's Orders Taffy Every Week. It's Good N' Fresh

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